Book Review: The Noticer Returns

TweetThirty years ago, Andy Andrews was homeless. His parents had both died within just a few months of each other, his mother from cancer and his father in a car wreck. Circumstances and his poor decisions in response to those circumstances left him living under a pier in Orange Beach, Alabama. His life could have been nothing but a... read more

Our Final Day in Paris

TweetOur Final Day in Paris (Written on the plane home over the Atlantic) If you’re a Harry Potter fan or a fan of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel Series by Michael Scott, you know who Nicholas Flamel was. What you might not know is that Nicholas Flamel was a real person. Flamel really did study alchemy, a process by... read more

The Eiffel Tower and Cruising the Seine

TweetThe Eiffel Tower and Cruising the Seine (Written somewhere over the Atlantic on our way home) It’s possible to buy tickets in advance online for the Eiffel Tower and it would have been smart to do so. I did try but our WiFi in some of the hotels has been iffy at best and I wasn’t able to buy the tickets. Since we... read more

Disneyland Paris

Tweet (Written on the plane home over the Atlantic) It took us 19 years but we finally took our kids to Disneyland. And of all their friends who’ve been to Disney, how many can say they’ve been to Disneyland Paris? This was one day that the kids didn’t need any persuasion to get up earlier. If we’d said we... read more

Versailles and the Champs-Élysées

Tweet (Written on the plane home over the Atlantic) Several things stand out about Versailles. One was the long security line. Everyone was tired so we decided to start our trip to Versailles later than Rick Steves recommends in his book. We have the museum pass, we thought, so we shouldn’t have to worry about getting there... read more


Tweet (Written on the plane home over Great Britain) After arriving in Paris a couple of days early (see previous post), we jumped into sightseeing in Paris. We bought a museum pass (for the “adults;” our 15 year twins were free at the museums) and started two days of museum hopping. We started with the Paris Archaeological... read more

Getting to Paris

TweetGetting to Paris (Written on the plane home over the English Channel) The French don’t like rail passes. Or at least the train system doesn’t. Our original plan was to leave Arles in Provence and go to Barcelona. Since it’s just inside Spain from the French border, it seemed like a good and easy way to get a... read more


Tweet(Written on the train from Arles to Paris) Getting from Monterossa, Italy, in the Cinque Terre, to Arles in Provence, France, was an all day trip. The first train we could catch at a somewhat reasonable hour that was headed in the right direction left at 7:36 am. We had to change trains four times during the day before finally... read more

Monterossa, Italy

Tweet(Written on the train from Cinque Terre to Provence) We had some of our best meals so far while we were in Monterossa. Not surprisingly, seafood plays a key role in most dishes in this coastal town. That’s fine for the three of us who like seafood but a little challenging for the two who don’t. Besides seafood,... read more

Cinque Terre

Tweet Cinque Terre (Written on the train from Cinque Terre to Provence) We planned two stops on our six week trip that were less about sightseeing and museums and more about catching our breath and resting. Munich was the first of those and Monterossa was the second. Monterossa is one of the cities of the Cinque Terre. The Cinque... read more

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